August 27, 2017 @ 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

felled poplar

WHEN: Sunday August 27 at 10am

WHERE: Meet at Building 72 in the Arboretum at the Central Experimental Farm, east of the Prince of Wales roundabout


  • Wood is a miracle material!
  • It is flexible, strong, light in weight, beautiful in colour and figure, easy to cut or nail or glue, bendable, renewable, biodegradable.
  • It is useful for building large and long-lasting structures, or for making paper or shopping bags, or car parts or household products.
  • It is used for anything else you can imagine, can even be burned for energy…  and is readily available.  
  • But most of all, and beyond all these other qualities, wood comes from trees!
  • Join us to learn about wood as we take a guided tour in the Arboretum.
  • The tour leaders are Eric Jones and Owen Clarkin
  • Although the tours are free and open to the public, please register in advance

COST: Free admission, donations gratefully accepted during the tour

INFO: Call (613) 230-3276 or e-mail trees@friendsofthefarm.ca