September 2017 – Joan Craig

Joan Craig: The Farm Calls on Her Western Roots

Joan Craig’s introduction to the Farm is somewhat unusual. It was made more than 35 years ago and from a distance of 3,300 km. After graduating from the University of Manitoba with a degree in Home Economics, Joan worked at DuPont Canada Agricultural Products in Calgary for 15 years. “Some products were shipped to the Central Experimental Farm and so the name was familiar to me.” She tucked the name in the back of her mind and when her daughter settled in Ottawa with her family in 1998, almost every visit Joan made to see her grandchildren ended up at the Farm. “We would walk through the Ornamental Gardens and also visit the Agricultural Museum. I loved that place; it called on my Western roots.”

In 2011, the Craigs moved to Ottawa. “I wanted to be part of my grandchildren’s lives, not just an occasional visitor. The first place I brought my husband to was the Ornamental Gardens and he was pretty impressed.” When Joan saw an ad for volunteers, she grabbed the chance to become involved with the Farm. Relegated to container gardening in her new home, she planned to join one of the garden teams. Unfortunately, an unforeseen medical issue has sidelined those plans for now. Instead Joan helps at the Victorian Tea and Book Sale. She also volunteers with the Friends of the Ottawa Public Library so the book sale is perfect fit. For Joan, helping at events is a “great way to meet a group of very interesting volunteers who share the common goal to help support the Farm. I’m glad to be able to give something to this special corner of the community.”

Mary Ann Smythe, Septembert 2017. Photo by Polly McColl.