June 2017 – Linda Butcher

A People Person

Linda Butcher’s first garden memory was from the age of five, when her Aunt Lucy came to visit. Her aunt asked what was her favourite flower. Her answer was the pansy. She remembers being told that this plant had faces like people. Linda is a people person.

Linda became a teacher. Her school had a garden and she would teach her students about plants and the joy of gardening. Now retired, she volunteers at Abbotsford Community Centre with programs for active seniors. She makes teddy bears there, which are sold with the proceeds going to support the Centre. She has also joined several dance classes.

Her favourite flowers now are daylilies, lilacs and, especially, the blue forget-me-nots. She has these in her own garden along with many other flowers, vegetables, and herbs.

The Central Experimental Farm has been in Linda’s life for a long time. She and her husband would bring their children there to enjoy the green spaces where they would have picnics and walk around the gardens. Their favourites were the Macoun garden, the tropical greenhouse and the rock garden. And a visit to the animals at the Agriculture Museum was always a part of the outing.

Linda joined the Friends of the Farm in 2014. She is a friend of Carol MacLeod, team leader in the Iris and Daylily garden, who asked Linda if she would like to work on Carol’s team in the Ornamental Gardens at the Farm. A very enthusiastic gardener, Linda agreed to join the team and it’s a perfect fit. She loves working in the earth, with plants and, of course, with people.

Polly McColl, June 2017. Photo by Polly McColl.