CelebriTree FAQ

Q: How much does it cost to participate in the CelebriTree program?
A: It costs $1000 to donate one tree under this pilot program.

Q: Who plants and cares for the tree?
A: The expert staff of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC), who are responsible for the care and maintenance of all trees in the Dominion Arboretum, will plant and care for the donated tree.

Q: Do I choose the tree to be planted?
A: Donors may choose their tree from among the selection of trees available for the CelebriTree program. Availability is determined in order of receipt of completed registration forms and full payment until all available trees are taken. To avoid confusion, completed registration forms are time and date-stamped.

Q: How are the tree species chosen?
A: AAFC annually determines which trees will be planted in the Dominion Arboretum based on recent losses, collection gaps, and the desire to introduce new species.

Q: Does the donor own the tree?
A: No, the tree remains the property of AAFC. The donor is sponsoring the tree planting for a 10-year period.

Q: What happens after the 10-year sponsorship period?
A: Donors have the right of first refusal to continue sponsorship of their tree for another 10-year period. The Friends of the Farm (FCEF) will contact you, or your designated alternative, in the final year of the sponsorship period to offer you the opportunity to renew sponsorship with a second donation.

Q: How much will the second 10-year donation cost?
A: The cost of the second 10-year donation will be determined at the time of renewal.

Q: What happens if your donated tree dies during the 10-year sponsorship?
A: In the event that the donated tree dies during the 10-year sponsorship, FCEF will replace the tree and sponsorship will continue for the duration of the initial 10-year period.

Q: What else do I get with my donation?
A: In addition to having a new tree sited in the historic, Dominion Arboretum and cared for by a team of expert arborists, you will receive a charitable donation tax receipt for the full amount of your donation, recognition of the person or event you are celebrating on the tree identification tag, the opportunity to tell your story about the person or event being celebrated on the CelebriTree website, and a certificate recognizing the donation from the FCEF. The tax receipt will be issued on registration completion and receipt of full payment (Registered Charity # 118913565RR0001).

Q: What forms of payment are available?
A: Payment in the amount of $1,000 can be made by credit card online. Payment may also be made by personal cheque, made out to “Friends of the Central Experimental Farm”.

Q; How will I know if the tree I want is available?
A: The CelebriTree website shows which of the program trees are available for sponsoring. Every effort is made to keep this list current. However, availability status may change after your application is received. Confirmation of your tree’s availability will be communicated to you within shortly after the application intake process closes.

Q: Why would the tree I selected from the website be unavailable?
A: There are two reasons why your selected tree is no longer available:

  1. While the CelebriTrees are planted in the spring to give them the best chance of survival and to make them available to the program in the Fall of the same year, some trees may not have thrived during the summer months. Failure to thrive can happen for a variety of reasons so a final check is necessary to ensure your tree is healthy.
  2. Because the tree selection process is complete only when full payment is received, a donor who registered before you may have completed the process and the CelebriTree website had yet to be updated. You may chose another tree until all the CelebriTrees are taken.

Q: How does the confirmation process work?
A: Once you have submitted your online application to donate a tree, you will receive an acknowledgement from FCEF. Shortly after the application intake process is complete (September 25, 2023), you will be contacted by a representative of FCEF. If your selected tree is available, or other suitable tree, the FCEF representative will outline the process for payment and posting the story to honour your person or event.

Q: What size are the trees in the CelebriTree program?
A: All available CelebriTrees are young, healthy saplings that range in size depending on the species. Please refer to the new plantings pictures on the CelebriTree program website to get an idea of what to expect.

Q: Can I see the CelebriTrees before I select my tree?
A: Of course! A visit to the Arboretum is always a great outing. The location of the CelebriTrees is noted on the program website map that allows you to explore the Arboretum and find the trees yourself. However, you may also arrange for a representative of the FCEF to walk with you to the tree sites. Please note that some sites require the ability to walk one kilometer or more from the Arboretum parking lot.