May 11, 2020 @ 8:08 PM – 9:08 PM

Own a Piece of Central Experimental Farm History!

Rosybloom Crabapple Seedlings For Sale to FCEF **Members only

The Friends of the Farm are delighted to offer for sale to current **Members of the Friends of the Farm, a limited quantity of seedlings of ‘Geneva’, one of Isabella Preston’s beautiful Rosybloom crabapples. Carefully grafted and nurtured by a local grower, the seedlings come from a ‘Geneva’ tree that was grown from the original tree at the Central Experimental Farm. They have been provided to the Friends of the Farm for fundraising purposes.

Isabella Preston became internationally renowned for her plant breeding at the Central Experimental Farm in Ottawa between 1920 and 1946. She introduced her new race of hardy ornamental hybrid crabapples at Ottawa’s Farm in 1928. Planted alongside Prince of Wales Drive, they provide a spectacular spring display. The blooms of ‘Geneva’ are large and dark red. Also known as ‘Geneva Crimson’, its large fruit ripen early and have reddish flesh. 

To ensure the success of the tree in your garden, it will need adequate space to accommodate its mature size of several metres (although its height can be controlled by judicious pruning), and it should be enclosed during its growth period. Please ensure you can provide this environment. Information and advice on the planting, care and protection of the seedlings will be provided to purchasers.

Because of COVID-19 restrictions, physical distances will be respected when you pick up your seedling from the grower. After your purchase is confirmed, we will forward your contact information to the grower, who will contact you regarding the location (in old Nepean) and time for pick-up. 

Sales will be on a first come first served basis. There are only ten (10) seedlings available at a price of $25 ea before HST for a total of $28.25, limited to one seedling per household. No warranty is provided and sales are final.

Please register to purchase, make your payment via PayPal and you will be contacted for pickup details.

Rosybloom Crabapple blossom

** This sale is available only to current Members of the Friends of the Farm, including those whose cards have expired anytime in 2020, since we have not been able to renew memberships given the Covid-19 restrictions. Membership will be verified. Contact membership@friendsofthefarm.ca if you are unsure of your membership status or renew your membership online.