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This set of three unique greeting cards features historic botanical art of plants introduced by Isabella Preston at the Central Experimental Farm, Ottawa, in the 1920s and 30s. The artist, Arthur Kellett, worked for the Department of Agriculture, and the art was created circa 1940. These prints were reproduced in Blooms: An Illustrated History of the Ornamental Gardens at Ottawa’s Central Experimental Farm (also available here on Shopify). The cards depict Preston’s ‘Millicent’ rose, ‘Gatineau’ Siberian iris, and ‘Scugog’, one of her well-known Rosybloom crabapples.

This special offer includes 3 cards with envelopes for $10, usually sold for $4 ea. Available as a set only. Limited quantities available.

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GOOD NEWS! We now offer shipping in Ontario for our Greeting Card sets. Shipping is $1.50 for one set of 3 and $3 for two sets of 3. Email us at info@friendsofthefarm.ca for information on shipping more than two sets or for shipping outside Ontario. Curb-side pickup is also available at a location near the Farm. Please email info@friendsofthefarm.ca to inquire!

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