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The Friends of the Central Experimental Farm (CEF) have always supported the building of a new hospital to cope with growing demands and the many problems associated with the old Civic campus. It was a shock when the site selected for the new hospital turned out to be part of the Farm. This space is a treasure, given its connection to the Arboretum and the woodlands across Prince of Wales. The pandemic has underlined how important such a large green space is to a population that needs fresh air, exercise, and a place to find relief from stress.

The Board of Directors of the Friends of the Farm provided a response in the summer 2021 issue of the FCEF newsletter.

Further specific comments on the TOH’s Cultural Heritage Impact Statement were sent by the Friends to the City of Ottawa and the National Capital Commission.

Many other organizations and citizens’ groups are responding to the hospital’s proposal. Groups include the following: (please contact a group for more information on their response)

Heritage Ottawa

Greenspace AllianceAn excellent up-to-date summary of the history of the issue and responses to it.

Reimagine Ottawa 

Civic Hospital Neighbourhood Association

Glebe Community Association  

Dow’s Lake Residents Association

Glebe Annex Community Association

Champlain Park Community Association

Botanica Residents Committee


Articles of interest

Peter Elliott’s response to Master Plan – founder of Friends of the Farm, 1988

Centretown Buzz August 2021 edition

  • pg 1 – “New hospital site creates serious concerns for west Centretown”
  • pg 11 – Councillor Catherine McKenney, “New hospital has more parking, fewer trees.”
  • pg 11 – MPP Joel Harden, “Paved paradise, put up a parking garage.”

Email from Jerry Fiori, Chair, Ottawa Disability Coalition

Reimagine Ottawa’s Arguments for City of Ottawa Planners and Councillors on the Hospital Master Plan

Support from Capital Ward Councillor Shawn Menard, MPP Joel Harden

Egan: NDP calls for Civic hospital inquiry — oh, the politics we would find

We Stand with Trees – Portrait Project aims to Protect 600 trees

Bruce: Ottawa’s new hospital — Will bigger really be better?

A TALE OF TWO ONTARIO CITIES: How Ottawa and Windsor chose a site for their new hospital

Saving the Farm & Queen Juliana Park – ReImagine Ottawa

Civic Hospital Neighbourhood Association – comments TOH Parking Garage Site Plan D07-12-21-0159





Events of interest

Townhall on the Civic Hospital Development – September 1, 2021, 19:00

Lament for the Trees – August 15, 2021